Output Custom Filename

Mar 11 at 10:25 PM
How do I output a custom filename when ripping CDs?

I tried using G:\songs\%artist%-%album%-%tracknumber%-%title%

But this just creates a subfolder in songs called "%artist%-%album%-%tracknumber%-%title%" and then put the songs in it with the following title format <tracknumber>-<artist>-<album>-<title>

example : "G:\Songs\2017-songs\%artist%-%album%-%tracknumber%-%title%01 - Rush - Chronicles (Disc 2) - Tom Sawyer.mp3"

Cannot you use scripting variable syntax to create a custom name? Instead of the otput generated in the above "Example", I wanted to the song filename to be -
"G:\Songs\2017-songs\Rush - Chronicles (Disc 2) - 01 - Tom Sawyer.mp3"